Mana Pools

Mana Pools National Park is Zimbabwe’s second World Heritage Site and is situated along the banks of the Lower Zambezi River. The river evolves from a deep gorge spreading across a flat and most fertile floodplain that in turn, forms pools and ox-bows. There are four main pools and several smaller pools scattered along the river with tall, expansive cliffs on either side protecting this area’s dispersed wildlife population. Long Pool is the largest by far and expands roughly 6km.

The magnificently old trees in this area-mostly faidherbia, but also baobabs and indigenous trees-provide shade with little undergrowth. The environment also contains islands and sandbanks. Walking safaris are common as the walk is quite manageable for people of all ages and not very strenuous with great views and lush surroundings. There is lots of room to roam around as the Park encompasses 2,000 sq km of prime Zambezi riverfront foliage. The Zambezi River, which flanks the Mana Pools for 70kms, is largely responsible for the park’s great importance as a game sanctuary and offers a more adventurous safari traveling route-canoe safaris. One can expect to see elephant, buffalo, hippo, black rhinoceros, antelopes as well as the predator species such as lion and leopard.

Map of Mana Pools