Dar es Salaam

The picturesque Dar es Salaam also known as “Haven of Peace” is a bustling city on the Indian Ocean shores of Tanzania. This beautiful city is most commonly used as a convenient port for tourists that are moving on towards Zanzibar’s islands or national parks, as it is a central area, connecting to many attractions. Easily reachable by plane, car, train, or bus, it is a popular stopping point. For accommodation, there are various options ranging from downtown modern hotels to luxury boutique guesthouses. One can often see dhows making their way around and near the huge cruise and cargo ships out on the crystal clear water of the harbor. It offers a breathtaking sanctuary for all those that are able to pass through and take in its spectacular scenery.

Every morning starts with the rush of the dhows to the harbor known as Kivukoni Front where they unload the night’s catch of fish and people swarm to claim the best of the lot. This popular fish market is frequently visited by tourists and offers a unique experience to not only see but also partake in. The National Museum is another great place to pop in and have a look, especially if you’re into archaeology as this is where you can see the skull of the “Nutcracker Man” and numerous exhibits on the development of human nature. Some other unique sites to see are the Askari Monument, Zoological and Botanical Gardens. The city center also offers a variety of nightlife opportunities such as dancing, the arts, movies, and massage. A recommended day trip, if staying for a while, would be to go and visit the Bongoyo Island where there is a restaurant, hiking, walking, snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing on the beach available. The island is uninhibited and has ferries going back and forth daily for easy accessibility. In addition, don’t miss out on the stunningly beautiful Kigamboni or “South Beach” which is only a five minute ferry ride across the channel.

Map of Dar es Salaam