Mahale Mountains

The Mahale Mountains are an extremely remote location only accessible by flying in by plane or by boating in. To this day, there are no roads within this Park and many tourists do not visit been to it. However, don’t let this beautiful hidden gem go unnoticed as it offers a truly unique experience of flora and fauna amongst its boundaries. Located south of Kigoma Town, this area covers roughly 1,600 sq km. On the shores of Lake Tanganyika, the world’s longest freshwater lake, this magnificent mountain range offers visitors the hopes of seeing big game as well as 50 different other mammal species. Extensive trails and walking routes disperse throughout the park for easy viewing and sight seeing. Amongst some of the top animals to be seen are leopards, warthogs, elephants, lions, yellow baboons, buffalo, giant squirrels, and numerous species of primates. In addition, the park contains over 550 species of plants. The mountain range is particularly known to have the largest chimpanzee population in the world.

Map of Mahale Mountains National Park