Bwindi Forest

The thick, rainforest environment, Bwindi Forest in the Virunga Volcanoes mountain range is most famous for being the home to half of the world’s populations of endangered Mountain Guerillas. Whether you are a guerilla-lover or not, the experience of encountering such animals is said to be one of the most emotional wildlife adventures you will ever have. In addition, the forest’s unique eco-system has been named a World Heritage Site.

Walking through the forest is tricky, as you will find steep, slippery valleys as well as high ridges amongst thick vegetation as the forest is at least 25,000 years old. The Bwindi Forest is known to be exceptionally cold during the mornings and at night so it is recommended to bring along warm weather gear plus wet weather attire as it frequently rains in the area. The biodiversity in the forest is impeccable as it provides a home for over 310 species of butterfly, 200 trees, 88 moths, 120 species of mammals including 10 species of primates, and 51 reptiles. The various primates that can be found in the forest in addition to the mountain guerilla, include red tailed and blue monkey, L’Hoest’s, chimpanzee, black and white colombus, and baboons. The Bwindi Forest also has over 350 species of bird in which seven are IUCN red data listed, bringing many birdwatchers into this area.

Map of Bwindi Forest