Jinja is a beautiful city located on the shores of Lake Victoria and very close to the source of the Nile River. It is the largest city in the Jinja District and is known as the capital of the Kingdom of Busoga. Once a small fishing village with open access to long-distance trade routes, the city now hosts about 400,000 annual residents. Jinja is relatively easy to get to as it is a major station stop on the Uganda Railway and is a port for the Lake Victoria ferries. Buses and minibus taxis provide visitors access to the other Ugandan towns nearby.

There are many local attractions that draws visitors to the area some of which include white-water rafting, sailing, and golfing. Although, one of the main attractions is the Source of the Nile which is the second longest river in the entire world. The Bujagali Falls, Itanda Falls, and Kyabirwa Falls offer breathtaking scenery and views. These beautiful Falls often off an opportunity for bird watching, picnic trips, hikes, and camping as well. Lake Victoria offers exquisite beaches and islands to visit for many travelers coming to the area. Many daytime trips are offered and sport fishing, boat racing, camping, and various other water sports are always available for some fun. Buvuma Island features beautiful forests and woodlands that often attract a number of bird species travelers interested in bird watching. For those of us who enjoy beer, Jinja offers us the headquarters of the Nile Breweries-now known as SABMiller Plc.-which can be a fun and unique alternative to go and visit.

Another most unique feature of this astonishing city is that a portion of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were scattered into the source of the White Nile. Visitors can come to the spot on the side of the river where there is a designated memorial garden.

Map of Jinja