Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi or the “place of many little birds” is best known as the second largest and deepest lake in all of Africa. It lies in the southwestern portion of Uganda and borders Rwanda as well. One of the oldest landmarks in Africa, it is said to have formed 8,000 years ago and occupies a total surface area of 60 sq km. It is one of the only lakes in the Ugandan region to be free of bilharzia and safe for visitors to swim in.

There are two major towns that visitors usually stay at including Kyevu and Muko, but there are also 29 various islands that are popular places to reside as well. The most famous of the islands is called Akampene or Punishment Island where, centuries ago, the Bakiga tribe would leave unmarried pregnant women on this island to die while they tried to swim to shore-teaching other women a lesson. Another famous island is the Bushara Island, which is home to the Lake Bunyonyi Development Company that funds many projects around the lake. This island has numerous accommodation options including luxury tents, campsites, and chalets for tourists to stay at. Sailboats are frequently rented from Bushara Island as well. In addition, the strikingly beautiful forests are great to hike in and for bird viewing.

Lake Bunyonyi is a popular tourist destination for both foreign and domestic visitors alike with a large variety of accommodation types and water sports activities. Tourists can enjoy canoeing, boat rides, a visit to a local pygmy village, bird watching, and regional tours. In fact, the lake is known to be a real haven for bird lovers as its boasts numerous varieties, amongst them: Herons, egrets, grey crowned cranes, weaverbirds, and many others.

Map of Lake Bunyoni