East Coast

As a tourist, you will find the local and authentic charm of Zanzibar’s east coast the perfect escape for a vacation and relaxing break. Taxis, dalla-dallas (or small minivans) make it easy to get around the coast. Renting a car, bicycle, motorcycle, or moped are also feasible options of transport. Relaxing on the beautiful coastal beaches is the most common activity in this region. The ocean shores also offer outstanding diving and snorkeling opportunities to see the lively coral reef that lies beneath the turquoise waters.

The small villages of Paje, Dongwe, Jambiani, Kae, and Bwejuu offer excellent beaches, lagoons, and coral reefs. You can often mix with the friendly local people to really get the true feel for the towns. Renting a bicycle to explore the lay of the land is a popular activity and rather inexpensive. Visitors can often spot sharks, eels, stingrays, and turtles in the crystal clear waters off the coastal shores. Scuba divers venturing further off the coast can even spot dolphins, humpback and sperm whales in the deeper depths of the ocean. In addition, visiting sacred areas, herbalists, and seaweed farms offer some fun and nontraditional daily activities. Another fun day trip is to go and visit the Jozani Forest where you can go on a spice tour.

Map of Zanzibar’s East Coast