North Coast

The north coast of Zanzibar offers plenty of water sports activities, beaches, and history for those who visit. Taxis, dalla-dallas (or small minivans) make it easy to get around the coast. Renting a car, bicycle, motorcycle, or moped are also feasible options of transport. Relaxing on the beautiful coastal beaches is the most common activity in this region. The ocean shores also offer outstanding diving and snorkeling opportunities to see the lively coral reef that lies beneath the turquoise waters.

Two main towns to explore along the coast are the small village of Kendwa and the thriving beach resort town of Nungwi. Kendwa is a lesser-known, more relaxed village that offers tranquility and peace to its visitors as they swim, dive, and snorkel off its beaches. While Nungwi is the more popular place to visit with its thriving nightlife, many water sports, restaurants, and cruises.

Map of North Coast