Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is nestled in eastern Madagascar catering to a wide range of rainforest habitat with a very diverse species. The Park is very easily accessible as it is only a three-hour drive on paved roads from Antananarivo and can be visited all year round. Andasibe is divided into two separate parks, the Reserve Speciale d’Analamazaotra located in the south and the Parc National de Mantadia in the north.

Both areas of the park contain the same beautiful flora and fauna. The thick humid forest contains numerous orchids, lians, fern tress, and moss. Some additional plants that are frequently seen are the ravinala palm-tree, bamboos, ebano, palisander, pandanus, and tambourissa. Andasibe is home to the Indris, which is the largest living lemurs in the world. Their call can be heard throughout the park and this sacred animal is currently endangered so it is a privilege to spot these beautiful creatures. In addition to the Indris and numerous other lemur species within the park, it also contains over 15 mammal species, 50 reptiles, and more than 100 different birds.

With a variety of offerings, Andasibe has something for everyone with a spectacular array of species, hiking trails, and the nearby town.

Map of Andasibe