Located in the center of Madagascar, Antananarivo is the largest city on the island with a bustling urban feel. The city was first captured by the French in 1895 and remained conquered by Europeans well into the 1900s. The city was transformed, remodeled, and adjusted to the rapidly growing population. The city continued to grow and is now home to 1.4 million residents. As Antananarivo climbs towards modernity, the natural charms that drew settlers in long ago still remain.

The most common activity for tourists visiting Antananarivo is sightseeing at the many attractions the city has to offer. Antananarivo has many tourist destinations and most people will need to devote a substantial amount of time in order to get through them all. Nature lovers will quickly fall for the numerous nature parks, hills, flaura, and fauna that this city has to offer. The Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve has a rather adventurous terrain filled with potholes, gorges, and sinkholes making it a great area for hiking, biking, and other outdoor leisure. Notably, Antananarivo is also a great location for adventure sports. In addition, be sure to visit the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga that’s home to many royal residential houses, burial sites, and sacred shrines. This popular religious site has been drawing in visitors for over 500 years. In the city center, the Queen’s palace and the Prime Minister’s Palace are other spectacular and impressive pieces of historical architecture one ought to see.

When visiting, be sure to give yourself a full six to seven days within the city of Antananarivo to be able to take in all this modern location has to offer.

Map of Antananarivo