East Coast

Largely unpopulated for many years, the Mauritius east coast is now a popular venue for vacationers and tourists as many modern hotels have sprang up along its shores. The east coast is subject to the southeast trade winds making this region frequently have a cool breeze blowing through all year round. However, from November to March it does get very hot and bathing suit is all you will need.

There are some beautiful spots along the coast that tourists should definitely visit, if in the area. The Ile Aux Cerfs is a beautiful inlet lagoon that is owned by a group of hotels, but anyone can visit. It is definitely a great place to visit for great restaurants, shopping, and golfing as well as spending lazy days on the incredible beach. The Grande Riviere Sud Est is the longest river on the east coast offering a beautiful cascade that is great to bathe under. The vegetation surrounding the cascade is beautiful as well. Lion Mountain offers an enjoyable trek and hike for those looking to get some exercise in a rich environment with spectacular views. In addition, one of the island villages, Trou D’Eau Douce offers beach cottages, hotels, and the comforts of a genuine fishing village. If traveling with a family, we suggest taking the full day Pirate Cruise around the islands.