North Island

This serene and tranquil island in Seychelles is the perfect getaway for those looking for peace and quiet. Relaxing on its beautiful beaches, admiring its plush tropical greenery, and its extensive granite rock formations are some of the island’s features that draw visitors to this location. Offering tourists many accommodation options, North Island’s hotels all have spectacular views looking out onto the ocean. Although the island is small, it has four main beaches for tourists to enjoy: Grande Anse, Honeymoon Cove, East Beach, and Dive Beach.

Currently, North Island is owned by an eco tourism firm called Wilderness Safaris. The company has developed the island as a private resort area with eleven villas to rent. Each building was handcrafted to offer a unique and original experience for tourists. Wildlife is continuing to come back and the island is heading towards its unspoiled state due to Wilderness Safaris efforts. In addition to the spectacular wildlife and landscape, the island’s resort offers tourists a lounge, gym, library, dive center, swimming pool, health spa, and dining room. The resort also includes extras like golf trips, yacht charters, in-villa massage, spa therapy, and deep-sea fishing. In addition, other outdoor activities to participate in are mountain biking, snorkeling, sailing, fly-fishing, wind surfing, kayaking, nature walks, and scuba diving. Needless to say, you will not get bored on this island however small it may be.

Map of Seychelles’ North Island