Tourism Partners

At Africa Bespoke we take every precaution necessary to ensure that your experience in Africa is positive and goes smoothly. We are registered with the relevant tourism bodies, we are insured for public liability and we only employ the highest quality tour leaders to enrich your experience in Africa. When we do outsource activities to other companies, we only use those that are well established and provide quality services that we can trust will be excellent, using properly accredited and experienced tour guides.We also have a number of strategic partnerships with related tourism players. In this way we are able to add value to different sectors of the industry and expand our offering to assist you in enjoying your travels further. See below for more on our partners.

African Agenda

We work closely with African Agenda, who organize conferences all around South Africa, concentrating on inbound professional delegations. Many of these conferences have been hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. We work closely with African Agenda by providing many of their conference delegates with tailor made travel solutions for their pre- and post-conference travel. Plus we often provide a travel desk at their conferences to service the on-site needs of conference delegates.

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We also work closely with Smartguide, leaders in the now hugely popular GPS triggered audio guides for travelers to Southern Africa. SmartGuide provides travel guides for tourists to South Africa with easily accessible audio and audio-visual content that will greatly enhance their South African experience. The content will give the tourist in-depth information about areas they are traveling through, tell interesting stories and provide travelers a far better understanding of this remarkable country. The audio content is delivered via numerous devices – car navigators(GPS), iPods, MP3 players, mobile phones, PDAs, etc. The content can be downloaded from their website for use on any of these platforms. Smartguide has also now launched their new “African Tourism Portal”: an intelligent, interactive map that acts as an online guide of Southern Africa. Travelers can access media rich content (videos, pictures, podcasts, virtual tours and more) for all the major destinations and attractions using this extremely powerful web-based tool. This guide is built on Google Maps and has 1000’s of points of interest, places to stay or eat, activities and more.

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Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN)

Due to our strong skills in organizing bicycle tour groups, we have built up an excellent working relationship with The Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN). BEN promotes the use of bicycles in order to address low-cost mobility, health and access to opportunity, employment, skills and education. They have conceptualized and rolled out some incredible projects that include job creation, education, skills transfer and povery alleviation for many people in South Africa through the medium of bicycling, which we believe is a great positive in the modern day of pollution, climate change and the threat that these have on our environment. BEN’s main mission is poverty alleviation through the promotion of environmentally sustainable transport via the bicycle so as to enhance low-cost, non-motorised, transport and improve health through linking exercise and mobility and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Eyethu Cycle Shop

Eyethu Cycle Shop, established in 2002 by the effervescent Meshack Nchupetsang, is based in Westlake Village at the foot of Table Mountain. Meshack services our fleet for all of our bicycle tours, provides high quality workmanship and is the friendliest guy one could hope to meet. Meshack was trained by BEN as a bike mechanic and grew the shop from the grass roots up. The shop was also established to serve the community in maintaining their bikes as well as creating a business model to be used throughout the country for young aspiring entrepreneurs to alleviate poverty on their doorstep.

South Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA)

Africa Bespoke is a member of SATSA (member # 1654). SATSA is the member driven association representing the private sector of the incoming tourism industry in Southern Africa. SATSA is a non-profit association, dedicated to providing and maintaining the highest possible standards in the tourism industry within South Africa. SATSA´s aim is to set the highest possible standards for tourism in South Africa supplying a measure of accreditation that each member needs to comply with in order to bear the SATSA logo. The logo is a symbol of credibility, stability and integrity that ultimately provides both tourists and the trade with peace of mind when it comes to dealing with tourist-related businesses.

Safari & Tourism Insurance Brokers (SATIB)

Africa Bespoke is insured with SATIB for public liability. SATIB are the leaders in Tourism Insurance & Risk Management Services with over 25 years of dedicated service to the Tourism, Hospitality & Wildlife Industries in Southern Africa. Legal liability cover comprises the following: claims for financial compensation arising out of the death of, or bodily injury to, any guest, or damage to their property.