Southern Africa

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Southern Africa is crammed with beauty and has so much to offer. Where does one start? The most prominent and sought after journeys in Southern Africa revolve around Safaris to visit the astounding range of wildlife that is abundant in this region. An African Safari is a bucket list item on many a traveler’s list, and for good reason. To see one or more of the Big Five at close range is an experience you will never ever forget. The many Game Reserves and National Parks protect Southern Africa’s stunning flora and fauna and provide visitors with comfortable settings from which to view the Big Five and other wildlife species. Animals, birds and plants live in stunning, diverse surroundings, from semi-desert to lush forests.

On the southern tip of Africa, South Africa’s advanced infrastructure and modern transport system makes it very easy to move around the country. In the morning, tourists can view wildlife in a National Park or private game reserve and then later that same day enjoy the bright lights and the bustling crowds of a cosmopolitan city. Tourists do not only come to South Africa looking for the ‘Big Five’ (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo) but also for its beautiful beaches, meandering wine routes, impressive mountain areas and spectacular scenery to name a few. You don’t have to be wealthy to enjoy a holiday in South Africa either. Numerous types of accommodation are available to choose from: those that cater to the rich and famous right down to the backpacker, with all sorts of establishments in between.

Namibia is well known for its rugged and beautiful Namib Desert, the dunes of which have been a site of interest worldwide amongst all kinds of people: from geologists and photographers to the fascinated tourist. Sossusvlei and its red/orange dunes is the best known of these areas, but there are many other highlights to see in Namibia. Going on Safari in Etosha National Park, tracking the desert rhino in Damaraland, the legendary Skeleton Coast, the Kaokoveld up north and the Fish River Canyon down south to name a few.  The coast is also worht visiting, at Swakopmund, where the huge sand dunes serve as a retreat for all kinds of adventure activities like sandboarding, quadbiking, skydiving, sea kayaing are all on offer in this area.

Zimbabwe’s main attraction is the famous Victoria Falls, which thunders down from the mighty Zambezi River. Those walking along trails around the Falls will certainly be soaked by its far-reaching spray, while others head straight for the water, taking advantage of a place known for its thrilling whitewater rafting. Breathtaking views of the country can be seen from many spots in the Eastern Highlands, some hidden away in its mountains. The famous historical site of The Great Zimbabwe is awe-inspiring in its grandeur which tells of a forgotten era.

Botswana has an abundance of wildlife and beautiful surroundings, well protected by National Parks that favour a low impact luxury tourism policy, providing tourists with unspoilt settings from which to view game. Famous in Botswana is the Kalahari Desert, semi-arid and dry in the winter and transformed into a green wonderland after rains, begging animals to quench their thirst from its full rivers and still lagoons. At this time, wildlife congregate at the famous Salt Pans. Botswana’s elephants are especially famous because of their big numbers.

Mozambique is a paradise for all tourists who wish to get away from city life. World famous beaches, many of which are uninhabited, provide untouched areas free of crowds and noise, with the exception of the breaking waves of the Indian Ocean. White sand and warm seas create the perfect environment for dozens of water sports. Not forgetting the country’s prosperous marine life, Mozambique is one of the world’s top diving spots. A beautiful wilderness and several National Parks gives tourists even more reason to visit this country

Malawi’s enormous Lake Malawi, with its abundant fish species and other game, is a top attraction in Malawi. The country’s beautiful forests, breathtaking waterfalls, rugged escarpments and sandy beaches offer visitors various spectacular settings. National Parks contains various, and some rare, species of fauna and flora.

Zambia is a popular destination for game-viewers with almost one-third of its land given over to National Parks and Game Reserves. It has some of the most abundant animal populations in Africa. One of the most important features of the country is the Zambezi River, which runs through Zimbabwe as well. A bridge connecting Zimbabwe to the country of Zambia offers an impressive view of the Victoria Waterfalls, a world-renowned tourist attraction that is shared by the two countries. Also from this bridge is a popular bungee jump, considered to be one of the world’s highest. Zambia’s Livingstone city is situated very close to the Falls, making it a very popular destination.

Throughout southern Africa, one thing is for certain; these countries are jam-packed with world-renowned tourist attractions set against incredibly diverse and stunning scenery. Not only that, but they all offer something unique that attracts visitors from all over the world again and again.

Map of Southern Africa