Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the most incredible and unique destinations to view Africa’s wildlife in its natural habitat. A vast maze of lagoons, lakes, and hidden channels covers this enormous area that spans 17,000 sq km, making up the largest inland delta in the world. Situated in the northwest corner of Botswana, this placid and surreal landmark draws in wildlife like a magnet, as many depend on the waters of this feature. There are over 400 species of birds that can be found in the Delta, not to mention the numerous other animals that can be seen on the mainland and amongst the its many islands. One can often find lions, elephants, hyenas, wild dog, buffalo, hippo, and crocodiles congregating in their natural habitat. In addition, there are numerous smaller animals such as warthogs, mongoose, monkeys, bush babies, tree squirrels, and spotted genets to look out for.

In this way, many think of the Delta as a living organism and like a living organism it grows and shrinks and changes shape. Channels that have flowed for years become gradually blocked with sand and plants and as the waters rise they suddenly rush off down a hippo path and a new channel is formed. And sometimes as a result of this areas that have been dryer for decades suddenly become the wet and full of life. This dynamic nature is best displayed by the mystical Lake Ngami.

A place teeming with wildlife, plants, and scenic views, the Delta has something to offer everyone. Safari activities by water are the primary specialty of the Okavango, using the mokoro(dugout canoe) which is ‘poled’ along by your guide. This is the most evocative way of exploring the numerous waterways of the Delta. Motor launches travel on the main waterways and lagoons. Traditional 4X4 game viewing vehicles are used on the main islands, with night drives available in the private concession areas. Walking safaris are available from most camps and lodges-perhaps the most exciting way of viewing game-stalking and tracking wildlife with an expert guide. Game viewing flights are available by both light aircraft and helicopter. Fishing, bird watching, photography, and serene relaxation are other options that the Delta presents its many patrons.

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