Cape Maclear

Cape Maclear is a small fishing village offering tranquility and quiet alongside Lake Malawi. The pace of life here is slow and the town host’s 10,000 occupants at any one time. There is one main dirt road leading in and out of the town itself, filled on either side with vendors selling all kinds of knickknacks and fruit. One can also find a variety of accommodation options, bars, and dive shops along this route. The town is renowned for its kayaking, freshwater diving with otters, and peaceful hammocks. Albeit small, this tiny town provides much to do with its many day trips out on Lake Malawi, sunset cruises, and visits to Lake Malawi National Park Museum and Aquarium. Many spectacular fish and fish eagles can be spotted on board a boat trip to West Thumbi Island. In addition, this peaceful area offers a breathtaking hike that leads up to a sight seeing point above the village with spectacular views.