Shire Highlands

The Shire Highlands, situated in southern Malawi and east of the Shire River, is a large plateau covering approximately 7,300 sq km. The huge, isolated Malunje Massif claims the longest sheer rock face in Africa and is irresistible to rock climbers. With forest huts for hire, capable guides, and activities such as mountain climbing and trout fishing to choose from the Malunje Massif serves as a perfect getaway for tourists wanting to enjoy the natural beauty of this area. Nearby, the vast forests, tumbling waterfalls, and placid lakes of the Zomba Plateau offers visitors activities such as angling at the trout farm and horse riding. Tracks to the top allow drivers and walkers access to the stunning view of this plateau; looking down upon lush rolling hills of beautifully picturesque green plantations and some of the oldest estates in the country, many producing tea. Many visitors enjoy the plentiful opportunities for tea and coffee tasting. Nearby tennis and squash courts opportunity for the more actively inclined as well as a 9-hole golf course. Excursions to Mount Mulanje, Blantyre City, Lake Chirwa, and Zomba Plateau are some favorite day trips within the area.