Mozambique is one of Africa’s energetic hot-spots with a breathtaking variety of landscapes and boundless options for all kind of activities. To put it in a nutshell, Mozambique is a beautiful country with some of the most incredible tropical islands and coastlines imaginable. For those seeking tropical paradise with pristine white beaches, palm trees and warm clear water, Mozambique has it all. Mozambique is also rich in wildlife with several excellent Parks and Reserves where guests can enjoy sightings of rare birds, a variety of game and an abundant marine life. Added to all of Mozambique’s beauty and diversity is a rich culture of art and dance. Tourists will spot interesting buildings, museums and landmarks throughout the country and can browse around various markets selling handmade crafts.

Mozambique’s tropical climate ensures warm, pleasurable weather most of the year, but to enjoy this beautiful country at its hottest, the best time to go is between October and March. The climate changes depending on the area and altitude. It is cooler inland and there is more rain at higher altitudes. Most rain falls between January and March.

This city has a unique flavour that is very attractive and easy to enjoy. The Portugese colonial influence is strong in the food, music and architecture. The legendary hot peri-peri sauce, strong coffee, fresh seafood and sidewalk cafe culture are just some of the highlights. The surrounding area also includes the Maputo Elephant Park.
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Bazaruto Archipelago BAZARUTO
This chain of tropical islands with their crystal-clear white beaches and azure waters is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mozambique. The pristine nature and many water-based activities make it a pleasure to spend a whole week in this area.
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Quirimbas ArchipelagoQUIRIMBAS
This is an area made up of 32 islands, offering some of the richest coral reefs in the world, in the Quirimbas Archipelago National Park. Idyllic beaches on remote islands like these are quite something to experience. The scuba diving is world class and there is much to explore.
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Niassa Game ReserveNIASSA RESERVE
With a coverage of more than 42,000 square kilometres, the Niassa Game Reserve in the heart of Mozambique is inhabited by countless wild animals. Home to the Lugenda Wilderness Camp, this pristine reserve warrants at least a 3 nights stay.
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This legendary national park is going through a second renaissance, after an initial injection of energy in the 1960’s. Full of unique fauna and flora, with two safari camps, Chitengo and Kubatana, Gorongosa offers a superb wilderness and wildlife getaway experience. Read more…

Africa Bespoke will meet the needs of anyone wanting to experience the stunning beauty and diversity of Mozambique. We cover the coast, plus islands of Quirimbas and Bazaruto Archipelagos, where honeymooners can soak up the most romantic beach settings in Africa. We can also weave in visits to the charming capital city, Maputo, or even add in a safari to Niassa or Gorongosa inland.

Lodges of interest

Nkwichi Lodge lies on the shores of Lake Niassa, which forms the eastern border between Mozambique and Malawi. Read more about Nkwichi Lodge here.
Nuarro Luxury Eco Lodge is situated in northern Mozambique in the Nampula province. Read more about Nuarro Lodge here.