Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is an artificial inland sea that covers 282 sq km of the Zambezi Valley. It is the continent’s third largest dam after Aswan in Egypt and Cahora Bassa on the same river in neighboring Mozambique. The dam was built to produce hydroelectricity for use by the people of both Zimbabwe and bordering Zambia. It’s something of a feat of both engineering and human endeavor that it was built at all. It is a must see for any tourist who will be passing through or heading to the area-the sheer size of the Dam Wall is worth seeing alone.

The area is a commercial fishing center with the crane-like capenta rigs illuminating the nighttime waters of the lake. In particular the popular game fish called the tigerfish flourish in these conditions and are a prominent attraction of the lake. At the same time, the dam draws in vast quantities of game, both big and small. Huge Nile crocodiles inhabit the lake as do many hippos and it is not uncommon to stumble into a herd of elephants on the lakeshore or while walking through the bush.

Lake Kariba is now a very popular resort lake with an airport, harbor, lakeside hotels and lodges, huge houseboats, marinas, water-sports, and fishing. It offers impressive views and spetactular sunrises and sunsets as well.

Map of Lake Kariba