Virtual Journeys

Join us for a new experience in the world of online travel: the Virtual Journey. This new addition to our stable enables you, the traveler, to experience your journey to Africa in a fully interactive way. By using this snazzy tool you can follow your planned journey to Africa on a Google Earth/Maps platform, plus enjoy browsing your destinations, activities and restaurants along the way. One can zoom in to lodges/hotels/attractions and view their rich interactive content like images, video clips and 360 degree panorama views.

This specialized tourism tool is the way forward in the travel industry. For those who enjoy researching their own travels, this is the business. So have a look through the demos that we have below to get an idea of how it works. If you like what you see, then contact one of our expert consultants to create your bespoke Virtual Journey.

To experience a Virtual Journey choose from the list below: