Ile St Marie

Ile Sainte Marie otherwise known as Nosy Boraha is a small and narrow island off the eastern coast of Madagascar containing one main island as well as several small islets. A very popular location for tourists to visit, this island is filled with lush vegetation, sandy beaches, overgrown coconut palm trees, and protected by coral reefs.

This naturally beautiful and tranquil location is the perfect getaway destination for families, couples, and teenagers alike with many activities, accommodation options, tourist services, and accessibility. The highly developed tourist infrastructure makes it easy to plan the perfect vacation. As most of the island is bustling with tourists during July and August, a quieter day trip option would be to head to the northwest region which is much more secluded albeit harder to get to. For nature lovers, the best time to visit is during September to December when the climate is most stable, increasing the opportunity for cycling and hiking as a means to explore the island. In terms of fauna to see, Sainte Marie offers a wide variety of beautiful orchids. The landscape features sand dunes, mangroves, and beaches that often have marine turtle nests scattered throughout. In the Ambodena forest, visitors can see a variety of geckos, arboreal frogs, birds, chameleons, and numerous lemurs. The coral reefs that are slightly off shore of the island are excellent for diving and snorkeling. Visitors get the opportunity to see tropical fish, marine turtles, morays, dolphins, grey shark, groupers, lobsters, and skate. Divers can also view pirate shipwrecks and in the Soanambo reef, beautiful black coral.

The relaxing lifestyle within the many villages and the surrounding beaches offers tourists the chance to experience the true nature of the island while listening to traditional Malagasy music and experiencing some of the best food the Indian Ocean has.

Map of Ile St Marie