The Timbavati, legendary for its White Lions, has a lot of other aspects to offer. Located very close to Hoedspruit, it is easy to access, adjacent to the central part of the Kruger National Park. The fences between Kruger and the Timbavati were dropped in 1993, allowing a free flow of wildlife in and out of the reserve.

A brief history goes like this: in 1956, a group of conservation minded landowners formed the Timbavati Association with the aim to reclaim the land for the benefit of all. They had come together after witnessing the degradation of a once pristine wilderness area.

Insensitive land use (primarily crop and cattle farming) had caused soil erosion and destruction of indigenous plant species. In addition, natural water sources had been rerouted by dams further impacting on the natural status quo. As a result, much of the wildlife common to the area was lost.

Since the formation of the Timbavati Association, every landowner in the area has been encouraged to join in the conservation effort. Today there are over 50 members who have succeeded in restoring the land to its former glory, with diverse and rare wildlife species making the Timbavati their home.

Timbavati/Hoedspruit: Royal Malewane, And Beyond Ngala, Tanda Tula, King’s Camp, Umlani, Motswari, Kambaku, Thornybush, Kapama, Camp Jabulani (Kapama, Camp Jabulani and Thornybush are actually outside the Timbavati, but are close neighbours).