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December 2009 Newsletter


For those of you who are weighing up where to travel next, South Africa is an excellent destination as we are still able to offer serious luxury AND value for money. With the Rand still down against the dollar in the last year, it is an excellent time to travel. And due to the global recession, the tourism industry is being hard pressed to offer good value, so there are plenty of Special Offers available. Read on for more details on those. Just to whet your appetite, here are a few special offers that we are promoting right now. Note: there are plenty more on the main site under Travel Specials

Relax into a luxury island paradise on Matemo or Medjumbe Island Lodge in northern Mozambique. Experience complete serenity and soak up the sun after your wedding.
Duration: 8 nights
Special offer: 50% off bride’s accommodation
Includes: full board, selected water-based activities
Valid: 1 Dec 2009 to 31 Dec 2010

Jet off to warm tropical weather and enjoy a fabulous week on a traditional Dhow. Days are spent exploring islands, snorkelling, dolphin & turtle watching, line fishing and diving into the turquoise ocean. What more could you ask from a winter break.
Duration: 8 nights
Rate: from R9350 per person sharing
Includes: flights from Johannesburg, all meals, camping equipment
Valid: 1 Dec 2009 to 1 April 2010


For those of you who have not visited us on the web of late, we have updated our site recently so please do have a look. New exciting features include: our Travel Blog, regularly written by Luke, keeping you up to date with travel stories, pics and news, a Facebook page (become a fan of AB), or follow us on Twitter. There is also the Carbon Footprint calculator to help you see how many trees you will need to plant after your long haul travels to Africa, and a link to an NGO who will help you do it. Plus the Interactive Map and Special Offers page too. See:


We now have a regular travel blog, keeping you up to date with our latest news and destinations, plus great photos and stories from around Africa. So sign up and receive the blog regularly. We welcome any of your travel stories and photos, so if you have just been somewhere exciting, please send in your latest and we will publish it all on our blog.

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Plan your next journey with this amazing tool that we have included on our website: the Interactive Map (with media rich content on accommodation and activities, is based on Google Maps/Earth platform). This exciting new feature is going to revolutionize travel research and is quite a lot of fun. You can zoom right in on your desired location, view it in satellite, get an exact view from the air, establish its location in relation to to other landmarks and features. There could be videos, pictures, audio clips about various features on the map, all marked with icons. Plus travel guides giving hints on what is hot in the area.

Try it out here:


We have recently expanded our offerings to include East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands of Mauritius, Seychelles and the latest hot destination: Madagascar. East Africa is home to many incredible experiences, including the original Safari, available in Kenya and Tanzania. TheseĀ  2 countries between them offer the pinnacle of Safari excellence: namely The Migration. Legendary worldwide, the massive seasonal migration of wildlife is quite something to witness. One can experience it on the mighty Serengeti Plains, Ngorongoro Crater and Masai Mara. And both of these countries have many other options to experience too.

Then there is Uganda, the Pearl of Africa where we offer exciting options such as Gorilla trekking and whitewater rafting on the mighty Nile River. Also well known for the Rwenzori Mountains or “Mountains of the Moon” and its super friendly people, Uganda is a fantastic country to visit. The wildlife reserves and the scenery speak for themselves, and there are rare birds to find, like the Shoebill Stork: you might see it only once in your life.

As for Madagascar: one could not possibly dream up a more idyllic journey than a visit to this huge island. With its palm-lined beaches, friendly locals, warm azure water, snorkeling, sea kayaking, surfing, sailing on dhows, fresh seafood and a near perfect tropical climate. And that is just the coastline. Madagascar is like a lost world, cut off from Africa hundreds of millions of years ago, it has unique animals like the Lemurs, quite astounding variety of landscapes from baobab forests to tropical jungle and even desert. And throw in the French colonial influence and one has a local cultural flavour that is quite special.

Lastly but not least: the Islands. What can we say about these? Paradise. Mauritius, legendary amongst South African families and still going strong. The ultimate one week low effort holiday getaway. There are plenty of resort options at various levels. Some have glof courses, most have Spas, all offer various watersports and all inclusive rates. Zanzibar is still brilliant, with the rare combination of perfect beaches and charming Stone Town set against a backdrop and mystery of the spice and slave trade. Seychelles is a more upmarket escape, with its many islands and low key image, there are some superb exclusive hideaways available.